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Tickets to the event are $20. One ticket is included with each car registration. Additional guests will need to purchase a ticket.

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Date: Saturday, April 29th, noon to 5pm

Location: Rockingham Speedway, 2152 N US Highway 1, Rockingham, NC 28379

I'm registering my car. Do I get into the event for free? Yes! Your car registration includes one ticket to the event. Additional tickets can be purchased for $20. Military discount tickets available.

Can I bring my family? Yes! Kids 12 and under are free. Anyone 13 and older will need to purchase an adult spectator ticket.

What is nearby? Rockingham is a robust city with nearly 30K residents. There are several restaurants, hotels and auto parts stores within 5 miles of the venue. Don't miss area potteries and antiques stores in the downtown area.

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